Thursday, November 3, 2011


Erreway is an Argentinean pop band formed during the development of television series Rebelde Way.
The band members are Luisana Lopilato, Camila Bordonaba, Benjamin Rojas and Felipe Colombo.
They were all cast members of the kids soap opera Chiquititas, created by Cris Morena.
The band had fans in Argentina. They also had fans in few other countries.
The band released three albums: SeƱales (Signs), Tiempo (Time) and Memoria (Memory).

They did two tours in Israel, where the show was very big. They also toured other countries.They were the protagonists of the soap opera Rebelde Way (2002-2003) and in 2004 they did the movie 4 Caminos.They broke-up in December 2004.
In 2005, Rebelde Way became a big hit on Spain and in 2006 it was released El Disco de Rebelde Way with 19 songs from the three unreleased albums in Spain and 11 videoclips.Felipe and Camila did a promotional tour with departament store El Corte Ingles to 7 cities in Spain and the signings drew fans.
In 2007, Camila Bordonaba, Benjamin Rojas and Felipe Colombo reunited the band. In September, they will have tour in Spain. Luisana Lopilata will not come. Bordonaba, Rojas an Colombo said that they called Lopilato to go with them, but she didn't want to.Most famouos songs from this band are:Sera De Dios;Resistire;Bonita De Mas;Para Cosas Buenas;Sweet Baby;Amor De Engano and Rebelde Way main song from same name tv-serie.

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