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Faithless are a British band whose music is described by the band as a cross between hip-hop and dance. The original members of Faithless were:
ROLLO, is a young man who made his mark with the first track he ever laid his hands on -"Don't You Want Me" by FELIX (which sold over 2.5 million copies).

Jazz acts as a vocalist in mostly rap format with lyrics that have strong spiritual or socio-political intent. Maxi's timely meeting with Rollo led to enlightening conversations about Nicheren Shoshu Buddhism, and its influence on Maxi's life and music. These collaborative talks spawned intense and challenging lyrics dipped in the dark hue of Maxi's life and rediscovered in the music of FAITHLESS.

Sister Bliss had started her musical career as a pianist at the age of 5. In her own naturally progressive way she moved on to the violin, saxophone, and bass - she's a veritable one-woman band.

Before inviting Jamie into the creative fold, Rollo challenged him to write a song about "a bloke who says 'give me 24 hours with any woman and I'll make them love me'". Jamie sat at the piano for a few hours working away and came back with a song that was, as Rollo put it.He left after their second album, Sunday 8PM.

Lead female vocals for many of their songs are performed by Pauline Taylor, who also performed lead vocals for singles Rollo released under his monikers Rollo Goes Mystic and Rollo Goes Spiritual.

On their third album, Outrospective, Zoƫ Johnston joined the lineup.
Dido,Rolo`s sister, has been a guest singer on a number of Faithless tracks, including "Flowerstand Man" from the 1995 debut album Reverence, "Hem of his Garment" from Sunday 8PM, "One Step Too Far" from Outrospective and "No Roots" from the album of the same name.

The debut Faithless album, named Reverence, appeared in late 1996 on Rollo's Cheeky Records, and was picked up for distribution by Arista the next year.
Sunday 8pm followed in 1998. That album was reissued in 1999 with a collection of remixes titled Saturday 3am.

A comedown mix album, Back to Mine, appeared in early 2001, just before Faithless returned
with Outrospective.
The groupe reached worldwide status with the singles"Salva Mea";"Insomnia" and"Reverence".For the 2004 album No Roots, Faithless were joined by rapper/vocalist LSK. He acted as producer for the second half of Rolo`s sister Dido`s debut album, No Angel.

Rumours about their split started after Rollo wrote in the liner notes of the No Roots booklet "We set out thinking it would be our last album, feeling maybe we have had our time in the sun."

In year 2006 Faithless released a greatest hits compilation, called Forever Faithless - The Greatest Hits, which reached number one in the UK.
Faithless have released 4 studio albums, with a remix album for the first three (Reverence, Sunday 8pm and Outrospective) and an instrumental for the last (No Roots), plus a Greatest Hits collection (Forever Faithless) and 2 DVDS, one of which showcased their universally acclaimed live performances.

The album, To All New Arrivals, from which the first single released was Bombs.
The new album was followed by a major tour, The Bombs Tour."Bombs" generated moderate controversy with its music video, as demonstrated by MTV's refusal to air it. The music video featured interchanged clips of war scenes and daily life; symbolizing the presence of war all around us.

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